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Thought I’d let my readers of Keeper of Reign, some of the back story of how and why I wanted to write this allegorical fantasy for children 10 to 16.

One of the things that helped me to hone in on the theme for Keeper of Reign is the song from Switchfoot. When I first heard their song , “Meant to Live” (for so much more) it got me thinking about how far short so many of us fall from our true potential. The trials and troubles of this world reduce us, and, at least for me, it feels that our troubled world is so big. This is just like how it was for the Elfies. 

Ten things we ought to know about Keepers & the books they are guardians over.

1. The Keepers were supposed to study the books and come together to share with one another and disseminate the information to the Elfies so they could be empowered together as a nation, but instead, because of fear they kept away from one another, and tried to keep their “keeperhood” a secret. How many Keeper families were there? What does that number signify?

jules w lightning keeper2. The Ancient books are indestructible and it’s contents can grow, in that the more it is read the more it will divulge by way of knowledge and wisdom, suggestions on how to live, where to live, so no one ever finishes reading the Book, so to speak, because just when you think you’ve finished the last page, you will find , if you turn back to the beginning , that more wisdom the reader never saw before makes itself known as if it had been supernaturally added.

What new thing/s did you learn when you re-read a book twice, thrice. Did the author meant for you to discover these new ideas/ thoughts during the first read? Or was it hidden and made sense only after you read the book once through?

In Proverbs 25 it says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” how does this relate to reading the Bible?

3. Because it was written in blood, Gehzurolle cannot read some portions of the Books which was why he had to kidnap the Keepers and couldn’t just kill them until they walked into his trap. He still needed them to “help” him read the Books.

Can you describe the physical aspects of the Books? Why did the Books shrink when all the other books in the cellar didn’t? What did it show about the King, the author of the Book?

keeper gold book4. Scorpents cannot touch the Books or they will be burnt–another reason why they have to hire Handover Elves and traitor Elfies to help them find the Books. Since the Books were given to different families how was this similar to the fact that the Bible is written by different authors spread over centuries, living in different countries. How many writers are there in the Bible? Across how many centuries? In how many different lands?  How many books are there in the Bible? Is the BIble there just one Book? Why do you think God wrote the Bible this way, making unique and not like, say the Koran, where it was written by one man over his one lifespan?

Why do you think God placed important information across the entire Bible,  weaving the gospel story over different authors? Most of the time the reader has to cross-reference between passages in different Books of the Bible, to get the context, the right perspective that God meant for the reader to get. Do you think it was possible for the different writers to collude–to compare each of their writings to one another’s to make sure they don’t contradict?

How did Jules ankeeper map1d his companions react when they didn’t find the answer in the Books in their possession? What did Jules realize when he couldn’t locate the answer in one or two of the Books he read through? What did Jessie’s Lacework’s Book focus on?

5. A Keeper cannot leave  Reign without his/her Book, which was one of the reasons Flamethrower died when he visited his brother Falstaff in Handover.  Sure, Flamethrower fell from the cliff into the waterfall, but he opened himself to this fate when he left Reign without his protection, his Book, which he’d kept hidden, for fear that others might steal it from him. This is also the reason why Falstaff, in the tussle, even though he also fell, survived, even though he lost the King’s Gift–because Falstaff had the Book with him.

Psalm 115 King David wrote, “From Your precepts I get understanding; Therefore I hate ekeeper crows treesvery false way. Nun. Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.” 

What item mirrors the verse above and what happened when the Elfies didn’t have this item with them? Did the time protect them from ALL troubles? Or only some? Why?

6.When the curse fell upon the Elfies,  (which was a major reason why the Handoverans hated the Elfies) and Gehzurolle and his Scorpents and agents, everything else in the Kingdom–the fauna and flora–remained of the same size.  The only items that changed with the Elfies were the Books which also reduced in size. Again due to magical properties of the Books. Why did the King protect size of everything else? Could the Elfies know for certain the reason why HE did this at this point in their history?

keeper pen nib 2

7. The Ancient Books held the necessary maps needed to get anywhere from any place, but the pieces had to be fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle, and the five Books had to work together in synergy. The King did this to ensure the keepers worked togekeeper gems bagther, but even this didn’t help them, due to their own fears. Was Jules a fearful person? Which other child never seemed to be afraid? Why?

8. Once the Keepers learned enough from the Ancient Books the  pages will release/unlock the maps of the chartered skies which will help the Elfies seek their King who went back to the King Star He came from . What was the last thing the King did before he disappeared? Why did he leave? How does this parallel with what Jesus said and did?

Verses to consider: 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.

18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

Who did the King leave behind to carry out his legacy and promises? What is the meaning of this character’s name? Where do ykeeper jules n starsou find this name in Genesis? How does parallel this story in genesis parallel or mirror the trinity–Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

What did the King use to write the Books? Why? What was its significance?

9, Certain phrases in the Ancient Books contain supernatural powers, but the Keepers had to seek this out and these will help them in their ultimate quest–reverse the curse and restore their Kingdom to its former glory. Mrs. Blaze muttered these verses under her breath but did this give her the power to ward off her enemies? Why?

10. When the Keepers were first chosen by the King, they all came from one family–Eleazer’s children, –how many children did Eleazer have?  Do you think there’s a meaning (significance to the King’s plan) to the fact the Blazes also have the same number of  kids?

Thought question–do you think things happen randomly in your life?

Additional keeper jules on rabbitcomprehension questions:keeper lightning

Who was after the children? Why?

What did Tippy obsessed over? Why did Tippy not want to leave without her find? Was she wrong to not obey Jules?

Who saved the children when they were attacked?

Why did Grandpa Leroy and Grandma Bonnie leave? What were they searching for? What does “Leroy” mean? what does “Bonnie” mean? Do names have significance in the Bible, or are they just names? What does “Jesus” mean?


What happened to Mrs. Blaze?

Was Jules and the children totally unhappy with the fact that they were cursed and less than an inch tall? What significance does this mean?keeper fiesty ride

What’s the significance of the Elfies being half elf and half fairies? How are they different from the Handoverans who are pure Elves? Are all the Handoveran Elves evil? Deceived? DId the Elves have anything in common with the Elfies? Why did the author, Emma Right, choose the name “Handoveran”?

What, do you think, the gems Grandpa Leroy and Jules collected symbolized?

What did you thinkkeeper fallen star of Fiesty, the giant dragonfly, symbolize? Who sent him to them?

The travelling Elfies used something in the sky to help them find their way when they were lost. what was it and what happened to it?  How does this parallel the story of the wisemen and the birth of Jesus?

What is the significance of the Kingstar and why do you think it vanished from sight?

What does “Gehzurolle” mean? Why did the author choose this meaning for the main enemy in the elfies’ life?

More questions will be added. or feel free to comment below and add questions of your own and I will upload them here. I wrote Keeper of Reign (Reign trilogy) with one single theme–that the King made us “big” but through a curse we were all made small. All of us, believers and non-believers of Jesus Christ alike, suffer the fate of being small. Troubles and problems plague us all. But things need not remain as they are for the King has given us all a way out–to be overcomers. I hope my readers will enjoy the adventure. the tale ends with the third book, Giants of Reign.



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