No Accident: A Teen Novel

I wrote this several years back and finally got down to cleaning it up. I will upload a chapter a week on Wattpad–link below. Or you can read the first ten chapters by clicking here. Happy reading!

On the right and left are two new book covers of No Accident. Not sure which is better.

young adult paranormal mystery suspenseteen paranormal suspense mysterySince I wrote this we have a few newer covers for this paranormal mystery. paranormal mystery suspense

3D-Book-Template no accident et









The gray cover below is the old cover. no accident cover 3 3d



Mary Jane and her older sister Sally Anne have moved into their new home. They seem to come from the perfect family. Mom and Dad adore them, and even their neighbors seem to care. Or do they? Mary knows that each of them are keeping secrets from her. Secrets that hold the key to her past. When she looks through a keyhole she sees an answer to her problems, an escape that might take her to her solution. She had looked for this solution for too long and had not found it. Perhaps what she finds in the chameleon room can unlock her past and give her a better future. But at what price? And is the past worth her present and her family? As she picks up the pieces of truths she stumbles upon a shocking discovery. She is not who she thinks she is. And to find the truth she must let go of the lies.

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