October 4th: Dead Dreams, Book 1, for only $9.72 for this Gold Award winner–for young adult mystery category!

If you are like me, every year I tell myself to buy all my Christmas presents early, and every year, I rush as the days get closer to Christmas. This year, it’ll be different. I am going to get some of these books on sale for my friends and their kids. Most are ebooks but for some of the kids I can get real book– seems nice. Something they can hold on to and remember that I got them the books! So, I am going to get a few of those, too. There are 30 books to choose from here. And even get a chance to win $50? Not bad. Scroll all the way down for the rafflecopter.

For a limited time only, you will get the chance to enjoy both  Keeper Of Reign, Book 1, in the Reign fantasy trilogy and my young adult psychological thriller, Dead Dreams, Book 1, at a 30% discount on Amazon.(I have lowered the price for Amazon till the end of September! But they will go back up October 1st.)

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Also, a total of 30 different books and ebooks will be on on discount! And you will get 30 tries to win three $50 Amazon Giftcards! Be sure to visit my site once a day and in a click or two you can get to win $50 Giftcards. That’s $150 total just for a minute or two of your time. You can follow the links at the bottom of my page everyday to check out the offers. Some offers are only for one day, so be sure to bookmark this page and check-in daily. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what books are on sale when.

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Also, I know you may think this sounds lame, but if you send me an email (using the attached form below) and include the subject line (birthday) with your birth day month and day, I will send you a birthday greeting, for you very special day. (Hey, everyone deserves to feel special at least one day a year, at least, right?)

So, go ahead, don’t be shy. send me you info below! And thank you for purchasing the paperback version of Keeper Of Reign and/ or Dead Dreams, Book 1, at this special offer price (Usually $17.99 for the 340 page Keeper novel and $13.99 for Dead Dreams, Book 1, for only $9.72 for this Gold Award winner–for young adult mystery category!)

If you don’t have a clue what this adventure fantasy for teens and young adults (and Middle Graders, too) is all about, maybe you can take a two minute view of the video summary of the book here.

It’s clean, adventure fun for kids–at least, that what the reviewers say. Check it out here and also on Amazon.

Soon to be available as an audiobook, click here to hear the first ten minutes!

Keeper of Reign, fantasy adventure

The fantasy adventure for young adults begins here.


To get a better idea if your teen might enjoy Dead Dreams, Book 1, click here to watch the trailer.

young adult thriller dead dreams, book 1


The fun all starts at www.interviewsandreviews.com on September 8, so don’t forget to mark your calendar!

Also, the Princesses full color books for girls six to eleven will be up on Amazon soon. here’s a peek preview of some covers! Here’s a preview of some of the covers. Enjoy! You can see more covers here.

While Princesses Sleep, Princesses Of Chadwick Castle, Book 1

While Princesses Sleep

Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure series for girls

Beaded Dresses Mystery, Book 2

Lady With The Circlet, Book 3, Princess series

Lady With The Circlet, Book 3, Princess series

Here is the  list of different sites you can get the books on  sale and the dates the sale is for during the entire 30 days.

Lorilyn Roberts The King Sept. 8 http://www.lorilynroberts.com/savings.html
Michelle D. Evans Spiralling out of the Shadow Sept. 9 http://www.michelledennisevans.com
Cheryl Colwell Secrets of Montebellis Sept. 10 www.cherylcolwell.com
Laura J. Davis He Who Has an Ear Sept. 11 http://tinyurl.com/poprjpp
Judy Lair From the Other Side of the Couch Sept. 12 http://tinyurl.com/ocgn8up
Krystal Kuehn In Christ, I Am Sept. 13 http://www.Christian-Kindle-Books.com
Violet James God Restores Sept. 14 http://www.Christian-Kindle-Books.com
Emma Right Keeper of Reign Sept. 15 http://emmaright.com/special-offer-month
Pearl Nsiah-Kumi The Last Train at Sunset Sept. 16 pearlkumi.weebly.com
Randy Kirk God Called He Needs Your Decision Sept. 17 http://godcalled-isaiah6.com/
William Burt The King of the Trees Sept. 18 http://www.greencloaks.com
Kimberley Payne Women of Strength Sept. 19 http://www.kimberleypayne.com/30-days-of-savings/ .
Cheryl Colwell The Proof Sept. 20 www.cherylcolwell.com
D.K. Drake The Dragon Collector Sept. 21 http://www.DragonStalkers.com
Jill Richardson Hobbits, You & the Spiritual World Sept. 22 http://jill-theimperfectjourney.blogspot.com
Dana Rongione Random Ramblings of a Roving Redhead Sept. 23 http://www.danarongione.com/30-days-of-savings.html
Robin Johns Grant Summer’s Winter Sept. 24 http://robinjohnsgrant.com/30-days-savings/
Elizabeth Paige He’s Looking for a Bride Sept. 25 http://www.moldableclay.com
Shoshana Rhodes One Lamb Redeemed Sept. 26 http://messianicpropheticintercessor.com/events/
Michelle D. Evans Spiralling Out of Control Sept. 27 http://michelledennisevans.com  
Sharon A. Lavy Deadly Secret Sept. 28 www.sharonalavy.com
Lorilyn Roberts Children of Dreams Sept. 29 http://LorilynRoberts.com/special_edition.html
Dana Rongione Through Many Dangers Sept. 30 http://danarongione.com
William Burt Torsils in Time Oct. 1 http://bit.ly/1pBhdyO
Laura J. Davis Come to Me Oct. 2 http://tinyurl.com/poprjpp
Kimberley Payne Fit for Faith Oct. 3 http://www.kimberleypayne.com/30-days-of-savings/ .
Emma Right Dead Dreams Oct. 4 http://emmaright.com/special-offer-month
Val Newton Knowles Everyday Uplifting You Oct. 5 http://www.valnewtonknowles.com
Elizabeth Paige Boo-hoo Moo Cow Oct. 6 http://www.moldableclay.com/
Jill Richardson Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids Oct. 7 http://jill-theimperfectjourney.blogspot.ca/2014/09/30-days-of-savings.html

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