A day in the life of homeschooling author mom, Kara Howell.

Kara, is not only a fellow author, but also a homeschooling mother just like I am. I hope you enjoy and are blessed reading how she juggles her family life with writing.

As I read my author friend’s daily routine it reminded me of a time when at least one of my kids was under five…seems like a long time ago. Now that my youngest is 10 still feels like I don’t have enough time to write. Well, hang in there , Kara. I have a feeling once our youngest hits 20 you might just have more time…Who knows? Maybe you could even write a book every two months! Doesn’t that sound super delicious?

A day in the life of Kara Howell.

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As I sit down to tell you about my typical day, I wonder if I’m going to be overwhelmed by what my days look like. Guess we will find out together.

During the week, I wake up at 6:00 a.m. I usually get out of bed shortly after the alarm goes off, grab the baby monitor and head down stairs. Now for the really important part of my day, I turn on my espresso maker. It has to warm up for about a half an hour, and I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to.

Next, I let the dogs out of their crates and send them outside. Then, depending on the day, I either call one of my prayer partners and we spend the next hour sharing life, prayer requests and praying together, or I sit down at my very cluttered desk and work on the homework for my Precept Upon Precept Bible study. All the while, I’m listening to the baby monitor for the small sounds that my three year old makes when he is awake. Of course he could be up by now, so I may do all of the above things with him sitting in my lap, or in the chair next to me as he tells me all about Lightning McQueen. (The only important topic in his mind.)

By the time these few things are done, I will have one or two more children up who are doing all those morning things, like showering and eating breakfast. So, now is my chance to either eat breakfast or take a shower. (I’ve probably already gotten the three year old his breakfast three different times by now.) The choice depends on how hungry I am.

By 8:00 or 8:30 I’m sitting in my nice big red lazy boy, with the three year old snuggled beside me while I read history readers to the now four children who are awake. I usually have to compete with the three year old to be heard or I have one of the older kids play something “quiet” with him. Sometime in the next three hours my eldest will make an appearance down stairs, but then goes back up to her room to do her school work. (In case you’re counting, that’s five kids, ages sixteen, fourteen, eleven, nine, and three.) If I’m really on the ball and haven’t had more than one or two fires to put out with the kids, I’m done reading by 10:30 and just might squeeze in a half hour or so on the computer to either catch up on e-mails, or research something either for a book I’m writing or something for the family. I just might get to send out some tweets to market my first, and only book thus far, The Presence of Shadows. We usually eat an early lunch because we are up so early, that’s about 11:30. Then I have one glorious hour before nap time. I’m not just talking about the three year old folks, It’s my nap time too. I learned, or rather my kids learned, a long time ago that if I don’t get a nap, I’m a real grouch by dinner time.

In that hour, I just might be able to sit at the computer and write. I’m constantly amazed at how much time it takes to get words on the screen. In an hour, I may only have a few sentences, or half a page. That depends on interruptions, (the human kind) and how many times I stopped writing to look something up, like a name for a character, or the thesaurus, dictionary, and wikipedia reference to peoples, landscapes and weapons. I like to listen to one of my Pandora stations while I write. I choose either classical or my Lord of The Rings stations that plays great epic movie music.

After I wake up from my nap I might have some time to write before the three year old wakes up. Now, I don’t always choose to use this time to write. I might go outside with the kids, play one of my computer games, read a book, or listen to an audio book while crocheting my latest project. This is really my last opportunity during the day to write. I’m a morning person, so I don’t think very well at night. There is also dinner, and house chores, bath time and then, thankfully, bed time. My lights are out by 9:30 p.m.

I hope this encourages you to write when you can. I never know how many days will pass before I do get to write again but, I love it when I do get a chance to sit down and write. I’m sure this goes without saying but, I very, very rarely get to write in a quiet place. Join the chaos. Write even while you’re doing life with your husband and raising kids.

If you are interested in learning more about who God is through the Old Testament, I’ve written The Presence of Shadows. This book is the first in a young adult fantasy series in which I dramatize the lives and event of the Kings and prophets of Israel.

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He wants to face this menace on his own, but he knows he needs help. Who will he trust? A new friend sent to protect him, or Melek, the God he believes in and thought he trusted. Will he let go of his dream so that he can find it?

Brehane’s uncle brings history alive as he recounts the dramatic lives of the kings and dragons of Yisra’el. In the histories wars are lost and won, trolls taunt, evil relentlessly pursues, dragons speak, friendships are forged, fear grips hearts, kings become sorcerers, love is found, and miracles happen.

Find out more about The Presence of Shadows Here KaraHowell.com

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  • Janis Cox

    Reply Reply April 2, 2015

    What an interesting day. I love how you incorporate reading, writing and napping. I lay down each day for 30-40 minutes for reading and a restorative nap. Blessings on your writing and homeschooling.

  • Kara

    Reply Reply April 2, 2015

    Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog! Hmm, I’m not sure I can imagine when my youngest is twenty and I will have tons of time to write, but it does sound wonderful. Of course, with the age spread from my oldest to youngest being thirteen years, I’ll probably be a busy grandma by then. It’s a good thing that I’m learning now how to write and live life in the crazy mama lane.

  • Kimberley Payne

    Reply Reply April 2, 2015

    “Write even while you’re doing life.” What wonderful words of wisdom, Kara!

    And by the way, like you and Janis, I’m a napper. It gives me that second wind to continue into the evening.


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