Book Marketing for Indie Authors: Getting Email Subscribers Tips

How to benefit most from a KDP Select free day.

The thing with giving away free books is that you must get something back. I know it sounds mercenary but when you think about all the blood, sweat and tears and the money spent writing, crafting etc., the least you should get on this investment is to get back an email.

And that’s exactly what your free e-book should do. It should be a magnet for you to harvest emails from prospective readers.

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Amazon (aside from Google and yahoo) probably has the largest number of email addresses. It’s a lesson we should glean from that giant.

So, before you run your free e-book deal, make sure you have in the front matter a landing page with an offer that would bring readers back to your web page. But why should they go there, you might ask.

You have to give them a reason to go there. (I also did a Kindle Fire Giveaway to obtain more subscribers.)

For myself I give away a free eBook–the first in my Princesses of Chadwick castle series: While princesses Sleep. You can see the landing page here.

So even though I may run a free book for book 3, like I did recently, I know at least that readers who downloaded the book would have that landing page on the front of that book that would hook them back to  and hopefully sign up for the first book (After all, they already have book3 free now with the Amazon KDP free day.)

Even if the free Amazon book is not of the same series, it’s okay. Because if the person likes that book they are more inclined to sign up for your other free book. The trick is to give away your best book—like putting your best foot forward.


So what if you only have one book? Or two? If you give one free on Amazon and giveaway one free on your site how to make any money? (Not that it’s the most important thing, but some of us are trying to make a living, right? At least some time in the future. )


Patience is the thing. If you mean to make writing a long-term affair, you can’t think short-term. Once you have an email, it’s yours until the person unsubscribes. And building trust with your readership takes time.


Ideas of what to give away for free.

If you only have one book out, how about doing a diary of the protagonist, leading up to the inciting incident in your book? Or a map with detailed description –readers love to see a well thought out world—one reason why I think books like Harry Potter, Twilight and The Beautiful People YA series all did so well. The authors have created a well thought out world and this draws the readers into the universe of that series.


One thing to remember, with the climate in Amazon the way it is, it’s best to do a series or at least write in the same genre. (Even though I myself have written three different genres!)

Next time we’ll look at at more ideas on how to quickly whip out that free ebook so you can rev up your email subscribers even more.
You can watch the 9 minute reading here.

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