How Same Sex Marriage Will Affect Your Church and Your Christian Right To Believe.

How Same Sex Marriage Will Affect Your Church and Your Right To Believe.

Deadline is Wednesday March 11!

I don’t particularly enjoy political things but when it encroaches on an American’s right to believe and practice our faith I feel we should not bury our heads in the proverbial sand. If we keep doing this there will be a day when we will wake up and wonder who took away our right, when and how and it would be too late. It’s not too late yet. God gave us this right (for now) in this land. Read the letter below and be involved. Please share tweet, facebook, google plus, or email–sharing buttons are at the bottom. It’s all with the click of the buttons below. A few moments of your time but it can affect how we, and our children worship in the next decade and decades to come.

This is the letter:

Brothers and Sisters just got this from Paul Blair. Blessings , JW

Same Sex Marriage WILL Affect Your Church


Mat Staver is the founder of Liberty Counsel and served as founding Dean of Law at Liberty University. I was with Mat in North Carolina yesterday. He explained something to me that I had not considered before.

If same sex marriage is forced on the states, IT WILL be forced on churches and all Christians. If homosexuality, which is a behavior, is equated with gender or race, then churches and all businesses will not be able to respect what the Bible teaches about sexuality.

Let me give an example. As a Baptist minister, I have the right to “discriminate” and only employ Baptists to work on my church staff. However, I do not have the right to only hire “white” Baptists. That would be discriminatory based upon race. If homosexuality is to be equated with gender or race, then I will no longer be able to discriminate against and hire only “heterosexual” Baptists either.

Fortunately, Representative Sally Kern (wife of Pastor Steve Kern of Olivet Baptist Church) has authored two bills protecting the church community from the onslaught of the gay and lesbian activists who seek to restrict the freedom of the church to live godly lives and to promote their agenda to the general population.

These bills have been passed in committee and are now on the desk of the Speaker of the House to be brought to the floor. Unfortunately, the speaker can kill these bills by simply not allowing them to be presented to the House of Representatives. If they are not scheduled by this Wednesday (March 11), they fail to meet the deadline and are killed! We are asking you and your congregation to call him and his three Floor Leaders to allow this to come to the floor for a vote.

In a conversation with a key legislative office yesterday afternoon, one of our men was told that the gay and lesbian community was calling on this measure 24/7, while they were hearing nothing from the church!

Pastors! We can no longer harness our people from political involvement and then complain about what the unregenerate are doing in our absence! This is not a political issue. This is a Biblical issue, but it is important for Christians let their voices be heard!!

I challenge you to inform your congregations tomorrow morning and encourage them to make four phone calls on Monday. (Information is attached – Information for Congregations). Many are fearful of calling. It is vitally important that you remove these fears. Explain that they will be speaking not to the legislator but to an aid hired for the very purpose of noting their opinions and passing them on to the legislator. In fact, everyone at the capitol, especially the legislators, are extraordinarily nice to the community, as these represent votes!

I have attached two pdf’s. One is a letter I have drafted to email these four representatives. This will provide some added background. Also attached is the Information for Congregations.

Please address this with your people and be sure to have copies of the Information for Congregations available for them so they can make their calls on Monday morning.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”
Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Remember, we can do nothing without prayer, but there is no place in Scripture where we are told to pray and do nothing.

Your friend and co-laborer,
Pastor Paul Blair

Click Instructions for Congregations-1 for the instructions on what to do.

Click Sally Kern Bills – 2015

HB 1598
ORIGINAL TITLE: Freedom to Obtain Conversion Therapy Act
CURRENT TITLE: Parental and Family Rights in Counseling Protection Act

This gives parents the freedom to engage a counselor to help their own children. It prohibits the state from prosecuting parents or counselors for helping remediate a child who is struggling with same-sex attractions.

HB 1599
CURRENT TITLE: Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act
This makes it illegal for the state of Oklahoma to recognize same-sex marriages and requires the removal of any judge who violates the act.

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