Top free ways to increase traffic to your author website

I hope some of you non-fiction authors find this helpful. I have many ideas for non-fiction (and will blog more on this later) … not so for fiction authors–which is what I am.

Top tips for my non-fiction author friends to help in their book marketing.

Unlike fiction authors like myself there is a fast way for non-fiction authors to build a tribe and get subscribers.


Webinars. And they are free to create! …Videos–webinars or short videos of yourself sharing your expertise. 

…Videos–webinars or short videos of yourself sharing your expertise. 


They get you a lot of reach, makes you an expert and YouTube is a search engine with tons of people with problems and seeking for answers, which means they are willing to pay.

And the best thing?

Whatever you create on your webinar, you can cut into snippets, post these on all the social media platforms, even Pinterest.

Talk about killing many birds with one stone. (Not that I am into killing birds, or any other animls, naturally.)

Here’are the things to do:

To plan a webinar you just need to …

1·  Choose a topic + title

2·  Make sure you set up a YouTube page for your book or business expertise

3. Pick a date and get it on the calendar

4. Create a registration and thank-you page (and link them to your e-mail marketing provider)

5·  Make sure you create a landing page and post this url on the youtube webinar and when you’ve cut the videos into snippets, place this landing page on them as well.

6. Promote your webinar to your e-mail list and on social media, and even have the webinar URL in the signature of your emails

7·  Plan out your presentation and create any slides (if using them) for you video–have keywords in your Youtube description because Google owns Youtube and you can get lots of free Google exposure when you have the appropriate keywords.

8. Build a page on your website where you’ll embed the YouTube Live video

9. Send a couple reminder e-mails to the people who have registered with a link to the live page.

10. Do the webinar –you only need your Iphone/smart phone, get a diva light ring (click to see what it may look like, no need for those elaborate lights etc, a stand for your iphone/smartphone —this one has a remote control--or even iPad whatever, and a mic– and be yourself, which is of course, awesome!

11 Use your old webinar recording to get more e-mail subscribers or for passive income

More Tips! Say you include ten points for one webinar, cut the webinar video into 10 snippets, and include each of the mini-webinar in a blog post—using the main one point and revolving your blog post around this. So, from one webinar about 45-60 minutes long, you can have a trickle-down effect on all your social media and even in your blog post. People’s attention spans these days are super short, so the minis should be a smash.  But of course, the longer webinar will be effective for those who want to delve deeper.

Hope this helps!


Next time around I will delve more into this–maybe on how to make and cut videos or use Fiverr to get this done on the cheap.

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