Indie author book marketing series

Part 2 of the author book marketing series.

Now that you’ve signed up to an auto responder mail service for free (at least for the time being until you hit 2000 subscribers) , go to your author central (although I’d heard it best to make changes to book descriptions through the KDP site and not author central) and make sure you really work on getting your author page, and more importantly, your book descriptions. Also, make sure all your books are in the author central portal. if not you can add the books right there, or call Amazon author support.

Why bother with descriptions and the use of the proper keywords?

I have heard that if your book description is too short, the Amazon bots might even skip over your books altogether–yikes! Think of Amazon as more of a search engine, rather than an online bookstore. You must give the Amazon creepy crawlers a reason to recommend your books to readers who have purchased books in the same genre as the books you’ve written. You must find your audience. So how to do this?

Firstly, find the right keywords that would describe your book—you want to reach readers who are actually wanting to read the type/genre of books you read. None of us want to fool the readers into getting to our page and convince them this is the book—then lo and behold, the reader is upset as the book had been misrepresented.

Recently I purchased two software which I hope will help me do this:

Kindle Samurai—to help me analyze which keywords are not just popular, but more importantly has traffic –which means people are searching for these keywords. We don’t’ want to position our books in categories no one wants. We want to cast our nets wide.

BUT! We don’t want to use keywords that are so saturated we are competing with a million other books which may all rank 200,00 and up. We want a balance in that the keywords have good traffic, may have a bit of books but there is a wide spread—meaning some of the books in this keyword search rank high but there are also enough books in the same keyword search that rank badly. This means if we find the right keywords we could rise above the froth.

Kindle Samurai is about $27. But you can wait a bit and let me try out to see how effective this is. If it does wonderfully, I’d let you know–so be sure to read my series in the coming weeks. Meanwhile you can go to their site and learn more. It’s not hard to use and does cut down on time researching  keywords.
Another software is Kindle Spy. This is uploaded onto your chrome search bar and when you research categories on Kindle you can click on the kindle spy icon on the right of your search bar and it would spit out the top 20 or top 40 books in that category and tell you how much each book is making, number of sales, the books’ ranking and even how much the author is making–in most cases not making. So if you do a keyword search for say, thriller mystery, and the first 40 books are free you’d know it would be hard to make money using this keyword. Still, you could use it if you’d like to use your book as the funnel book to harvest the emails.

Kindle Spy is about $37.

Once you get those seven keyword phrases for the Amazon search what do you do?

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Three places in Author Central you can put in your keywords:

  1. Obviously, place the seven phrases in the KDP search bar for the metadata
  2. Include these search words in your book description—take a look at my book description—While Princesses Sleep to get an idea. The Amazon bots will crawl through this. You can also include your other books in the series here, and also the categories of your book here as well.
  3. Also, use the other description boxes—for reviews, and also in the from the author box.

Be warned though when you input descriptions on Author Central then make changes –due to pricing etc–over at the KDP site, the KDP site will override your Author Central wordings. I went through hours trying to figure out why my description kept reverting to the older version then found this out.

Okay, enough for today. Hopefully I can fill you in next week for more indie author book marketing tips next week.


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