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Link Intelligence Tools – to increase your SEO.

When I first started writing I had no clue what SEO (Search engine optimization) is. Basically it’s what you want to do for your site–to optimize its visibility so when the Google or any of the other bots or crawlers come and they read your content they will decide to place your website at the top of the pile–meaning on the first page. Granted, as an author it’s almost impossible to rank on the first page for words like “best young adult books,” or “top children books,” because Amazon or some similar gargantuan site has taken over most of these search words it’s not a bad idea to optimize your author website as best as we can so that the site at least appears when people are searching for it.

Sites like Majestic has tools that can help with this. Poke around their site and see if it’s something you’d want for your website. Consider it as part pf your education as an author. Take it in stride!

Link Intelligence Tools – Majestic
Majestic link intelligence tools Site Explorer Site Explorer lets you explore a domain/url in great detail. Users on Silver, Gold and Platinum subscription plans get access to the full tool. Bulk Backlink Checker Our Bulk Backlink Checker is a valuable time saver when all you want is backlink counts for many domains. Using the simple form, just enter a few domains and we return the external backlink counts. Referring domain counts can be found for domains (e.g. “” rather than “www.ex…


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