Obamacare and How Christians Can Avoid It

I don’t know about you, but as a Bible-professing, born again Christian I always ask myself if the things I do is what God wants me to do and if it is in line with what the Bible wants of me as a Christian. Some things are in the gray zone—for instance should we be Republicans? Democrats? Libertarians? Honestly, I don’t think Jesus would fall under any of these three-man-made titles or affiliations. He would however, I am sure enough to bet my last dollar, still stick to the principles He adhered to while walking the earth. After all His Word is the same, now and forever. If the God of the Old Testament hated the practices of Moloch then—the sacrifice of children to the idol Moloch—He probably abhors it today.

So how does this tie in with Obamacare?

While on the surface Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act, professes to “help” everyone get medical insurance I personally think that its evil outweighs the supposed good it tries to impose.

I know that sin is sin to God. But let’s be reasonable (for I am sure God never meant for us to check our heads at the door just because we are Christians) and acknowledge that some sins are worse than others. For instance, if I purposefully “stole” your parking spot in a crowded parking lot, I am sure it’s not a Christian thing to do. But how does that compare to the sin of murder? Like the murder of innocent unborn babies for instance? Or the sacrifice of children to Moloch?

Frankly, I never think too much about politics but when the laws encroach on forcing me to partake in the killing of unborn babies should I relent? Or should I just go along “peaceably”? When the laws give me no choice but to shut my eye to evil and assent to sin should I fund these acts… even when they go against my conscience and against what God says?

To me whether it be a Democrat rule, or a Libertarian edict, or a Republican mandate, these are all man-made laws, self-serving whatever political affiliations, but I serve the Living God and HE said not to murder. If we use the Old Testament as a rod of measure in any way we see that HE looked upon those who participated in Moloch’s sacrifice of children most unfavorably, indeed. In so many ways this is similar to what abortion is—we put babies on the altar because we kowtow to sinful lifestyles, influenced by the god of this earth who promotes licentiousness and irresponsibility—hence the main need for abortions.

I am sure there are other laws that go against what we believe in the USA but it feels like Obamacare makes it very clear that we are forced into buying a product—medical insurance—that actually goes against what I believe as a Christian.

Is it any wonder that Congress sees this—that Obamacare is the forcing of Christians to buy medical insurance as it stands today even though it goes against our beliefs–and hence has quietly agreed to allow Christian to be off the hook?

Yes! As Bible believing Christians we can actually not participate in this Moloch-upholding medical insurance scam. But of course, did main stream media ever talked of this? Why didn’t main stream media let Christians know that we have a choice? That if we belonged to a Christian medi-share we can actually not partake in Obamacare at all.

I have never heard of Christian medi-share before this year but with all that Obamacare signifies I have been researching and have discovered that as a Christian living a “safe”, responsible (no boozing parties licentious, drug-touting lifestyle,) married life it is better to go down this road. I recently spoke to an agent and he assured me that recently they gave out a million dollars in medical needs to a qualified family to cover their medical fees. Of course I had also heard of a case whereby a driver in a car accident was denied medical coverage, because it was found that the said driver was intoxicated—hence proof of a non-Christian lifestyle. This I think is fair.

So, if you are looking at an alternative to Obamacare and not join in the funding of abortions in a direct manner, perhaps you’d want to take a look at Christian Care Medi-share. I certainly will. I am not an agent or affiliated in it and don’t make anything from sharing this with you. But I think it is good news that as a Christian we can have an option that at least does not go against the Word of God. On its website it also said that you can get additional discounts based on your present health state. Take a look and let me know what you think about Christian Care Medi-share. It’s been around for over twenty years and I am going to give them a shot. How about you?

Author Emma Right writes children and young adult books. Try her latest series for girls–Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure Mysteries now on Amazon and check out her other books, too!

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