I have been a homeschooling mother for almost two decades and have seen my eldest through college and he’s now working! I’d like to see you succeed in your homeschooling efforts and will share books, websites and new that are empowering and help you in your journey called life. My passion is children, books, particularly, the Bible, ballet and reading.  I hope to share survival tips on being a homeschool mother (at least they kept me above water,)about being an award winning and best selling author,  copywriting ( I even snagged a Clio!) and ballet mom to three girls whose lives are filled with performances, competitions and, sadly, injuries. One of my sons is also into art and I may have his work posted here, too, for your enjoyment.

Browse around to  learn more from my blog and posts about writing, (I hope you will enjoy my books for children and young adults as well,)  publishing, ballet and the Word of Truth! I will share the things I have learned as a homeschool and ballet mother (my daughter is an aspiring ballerina) and as an author.

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