Best Selling, Award Winning Author and Copywriter, Emma Right is a happy wife and homeschool mother of five living in the Pacific West Coast. Besides running a busy home, and looking after too many pets, she also writes stories—when she is not behind the wheel driving her children for various activities. Her books have won literary awards. She hopes her books will help empower young adults and children, and instill the love of learning and reading. Ms. Right worked as a copywriter for several major advertising agencies and has won national and international advertising awards, including the prestigious Clio, in her copy writing career.

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Emma Right’s books for young adults, pre-teens and children include:

Keeper of Reign, Book 1 of the Reign Fantasy series

Prisoner of Reign, Book 2 of the Reign Fantasy series

Dead Dreams, Book 1, A young adult psychological thriller

Gone Missing, (Dead Dreams, Book 2)

Healing Scriptures Illustrated

The Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure series for girls six to ten years old

1. While Princesses Sleep

2. Beaded Dresses Mystery

3. Lady With The Circlet

4. Secret Mission Princess

5. Pretty Scary Lady

6. Down With The Crown

7. Peasant Princesses

8. Princess Rewards

Beautiful Ballerina series

Beautiful Ballerina Gift Book

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