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Runaway Princess.

Rumors. Fear. Hope. The princesses plan a runaway to seek answers but this means tricking their horse masters and staging a scheme to escape their watchful eyes. But Elle soon discovers the danger of deceit. Will she escape unscathed?

Each book is filled with classical artwork from the Masters for children to enjoy and appreciate museum quality pieces. The last third of the book is a popular classical ballet story still performed through out the world by ballet companies.

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Runaway Princess will be sent to your email address. So be sure to find my email and claim your book before the timer ends and hits zero. I hope your child will enjoy the Princess Ballerina series. The second half of the book tells them about a famous classical ballet story danced by ballet companies throughout the world, even today.

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What makes this book unique is that each page is illustrated with beautiful details from Renoir paintings: the author has carefully selected these illustrations to complement the story. In this way, the paintings become memorable when tied in with an exciting mystery, and the story comes alive with beautiful paintings to help tell it. At the end of the story, the book includes historical information about the artist.

on October 23, 2014