How to start Homeschooling and tips to help you homeschool

So you’d like to start homeschooling but don’t know where to start?

Simple! First pray about it.

When I began my homeschooling journey i had not a clue what this homeschool thing is about. So I prayed: “God, Really? Homeschooling? Kidding, right?”

In a few days I made up a list of about 7 things I would need if I were to embark on this time consuming, life-changing, scary adventure called “Homeschooling” and i never looked back. god is ever faithful.

Your prayer might be (hopefully it is) different from mine as we are all different with varied circumstances. I had a husband who traveled a lot and had no family support within a 300 miles.

So this was what I prayed for:

Prayer at Sainte-Anne-d’Auray, William Adolphe Bouguereau. French Academic Painter (1825-1905)

God, if you want me to jump into this, please, make it clear to me. I need these (below) and I can only homeschool if you provide me with what I need.

1. Give me a friend who can help me and homeschool with me.

2. This friend or homeschooling mentor, must have had more experience than I have.

3. She must have children with ages close to mine.

4. We must like each other (very important) and be of like-mindedness when it comes to biblical principles on raising kids.

5. Please, can she just live close by–a ten mile radius is max.

6. Maybe, her husband can be busy, too, like mine– that way we can even spend some dinners together–it’d be nice to talk about homeschooling stuff over a meal once in a while with a friend.

7. She must be someone i can pray with.

In three days, God answered each count of my demands. What can I say, except HE is so Good!

So how to start after praying? If unsure, the best thing to do is go to the library and gather a bunch of age-appropriate books for your kids–none of those Disney stuff, please. (I do love Disney movies, just not their books.)

You can search my site for recommended books but later i will also add a list. (Scroll to the bottom of my site and you will see the different categories on “quick links”–click on “homeschooling,” or if you need devotionals–I am writing one for kids–, you can check out the title “Fellow Christians.”)

With books you can read to your kids, and also have them read during their quiet time.

Three things you can do with books:

1.Read in an animated fashion and get your kids to follow the intonations so it’s almost like a drama session.

2. Highlight difficult words–always use books above you kids’ grade levels when doing a read aloud. Get them to copy the words in an exercise book–penmanship and spelling–and find the definitions–vocabulary.

3. Get them to draw or paint the story out once a week–this helps in motor skills for the younger ones and expression for the ones who are in the 9-12 age group. They could also summarize the book once a week–either in a written form or they can re-tell you the story while you are doing dishes, just so you can double up on your time.

Okay, all for today.

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