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If you love the Downton Abbey series your child will love the Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure and Mystery series for girls. It has all the drama of Downton Abbey and royal living but is rated G!

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This is such a clever book. The story itself is well-written and perfect for young girls interested in what princesses do. Elle and Belle are charming girls always on the edge of getting into trouble. This story is a mix of mystery, history and fun.

I found this book enchanting because the text of the story goes right along with the beautiful art the author has chosen. This is great way to expose young girls to art history in a not so obvious way.

This is a quality children's book suitable for younger girls and young readers as well. Looking forward to the next book in the series. This one was brilliant.

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I have been reading stories with my young niece since she was born. She adores anything having to do with princesses so I was thrilled to find this new series by author Emma Right. The "Beaded Dresses Mystery" is a wonderful story about two sisters, Elle and Belle, who are curious about well-dressed strangers in their home (the castle) late at night. When not given answers by Miss Stencil, they investigate on their own. This was a delightful story that was told in short bites on each page with a beautiful classic painting to accompany the text. Loved the read and looking forward to reading more in this series.
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I am nine years old and I like this book because it’s interesting and it’s a good princess tale for BIG girls like me! 😀 And I really liked the illustrations by Albrecht Dϋrer. I think they are AWESOME and I want to be an artist and a writer when I grow up just like Albrecht!!!

And in this story Elle lost her memory after she tripped and Belle (which was my favorite character) is Elle’s sister, and they’re both princesses and stuff and Belle tries to help Elle remember. And Elle’s friend Sasha sprained her ankle because of ballet. But in the end it was good but I won’t tell you more or else the book won’t be as good because I spoiled it! I really liked how real it seemed and how Belle reacted to your mommy coming into the room was interesting. And wonder if princesses do that today? The ending was cleverly done and is a perfect book for people who like princesses, ballet and art. I really like this book and hopefully you will enjoy it too!