The new audio visual reading of the first book, While Princesses Sleep is ready. This is my gift to anyone who joins my readers/ reviewers club. I will post details in my very rare newsletter. Too get a feel / sample of this professionally produced audio click here. This is just the 9 minute version but it’ll give you a taste of the artwork and the reading. The actual 20 minute reading, worth $130, would have the images synced better than this one, naturally.

I hope you  and your child enjoy the audio visual presentation It can be viewed on any computer and I will send you the MP4 to those wanting to be in the readers/ reviewers club.

The Princesses Of Chadwick Castle Adventure Mystery  is an eight-book, full color historical fiction series about two princess sisters, Elle, age 12, and Belle, age 10. Cooped up in their 19th century castle most days they grow restless and in their curiosity uncover a dangerous plot. The story unfolds with each book and begins with book 1, While Princesses Sleep, when the sisters are awakened by mysterious noises in the night. Toward the end of the series, the princesses must hide their identity and live with strangers. What dangers lie ahead for them? Will they ever see their beloved royal parents again?

The Princesses Of Chadwick Castle Adventure series,  is for readers six to twelve who enjoy Princess type books with a touch of mystery and adventure. Each book also introduce readers to master artists of the past eras and at the end of each book children get a synopsis of the life of an artist who have contributed to the story in some manner.

While Princesses Sleep, Princesses Of Chadwick Castle, Book 1

While Princesses Sleep

Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure series for girls

Beaded Dresses Mystery, Book 2

Lady With The Circlet, Book 3, Princess series

Princesses of chadwick castle series, book 4

Secret mission princess, Book 4

Princesses of chadwick castle series

Pretty, Scary Lady, Book 5

Princesses of chadwick castle

Down With the crown, Book 6

Princesses of Chadwick Castle series

Peasant Princesses, Book 7

Princesses of Chadwick Castle series

Princess Rewards, Book 8

Both print and ebooks will be available on Amazon.

The Princesses Of Chadwick Castle Adventure Series is also known as the Princesses Castle Series, for short. Each colorful paperback book is 8.5 by 8.5 inches and makes a great coffee table book for children to browse through.

What’s unique about this series is that the books also marry art pieces from art masters like well-known names like Renoir, De Gas and Cassatt as well as lesser known artists like William Paxton and Albrecht Durer, to name a few. A short bio of the artist is behind each book. Readers will be exposed to both major and minor works from artists before the twentieth century.

The books are by no means an exhaustive look into art because it is foremost an adventure fiction but it does introduce children to the creations of master artists who have contributed to the world of art and beauty in their lifetime.

List of Books in the Princess series:

1. While Princesses Sleep

2. Beaded Dresses Mystery

3. Lady With The Circlet

4. Secret Mission Princess

5. Pretty Scary Lady

6. Down With The Crown

7. Peasant Princess

8. Princess Rewards

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