Who would you meet in dark, scary tunnels hidden between the walls? Princesses Elle and Belle of  Chadwick Castle find out more than they’ve bargained for.  Who was trapped in these secret tunnels?  Are the princesses and their ballerina friends in danger? Will they get into trouble for disobeying and getting into a tight spot?

Pretty Scary Lady is the 5th Book in the Princesses Of Chadwick Castle.  Below are some of the images found in the ebook and paperback.

princess 5 ecover 200pixel

pocc 5 cat girl

pocc 5 tea things

pocc 5 royal banquet

pocc 5 white gown

pocc 5 lady bending carrying gown

pocc 5 maid knocking on door

You can watch the 9 minute reading of Book 1 here.

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