How to create a curriculum for children 5-11 using the Princesses of Chadwick Castle series.

If you are in my email list you probably already got the email outlining ideas for numbers 1 and 2 for the Princesses of Chadwick Castle series curriculum. Here are numbers 3-12.

Print out the images—using the PDF (I’d sent out the first two in the first few emails I sent you.) Or photocopy from the print book. (If you only have the ebook version and want to print from there, then you need to get the e-reader app on your laptop or desktop and you need to print the screen. Then print the screen out. You need to do this for each page with the image you want.)

  1. Make a Collage of the different cut outs. Two ways to do this—just a simple collage for the younger ones, (see the image below) and if it’s B/W or gray scale, and then get them to color to make their own masterpiece.poire image
  2. For the older kids they can paste into lined paper and  1. Write a story from the one piece of art or 2.make a story line with a few pieces of the artwork, basically an illustrated book like the Princesses of Chadwick castle series.
  3. Pick 3-4 illustrations from the book and Google search n research artists n their work. This is both an art appreciation as well as a history assignment. Once you include writing then it’s also a writing exercise.
  4. Can they pick out the same artist in the book/s? What’s similarities? Differences? Do a report on this.
  5. Some of the words in the princess series is hard for a 5 or 6-year-old. Get them to do a vocabulary notebook. Go one step further and copy out the sentence the word is used. And even write out a sentence of their own.
  6. Comprehension questions for retention and comprehending.castle
  7. Research castles in Europe—start with the UK in the 19th century, then go to mainland Europe and research France. There should be quite a few castles to research in this. Did you know there is a real Chadwick Castle in the UK? Get images of that and make a project out of this for kids of varying ages to work together. Go another step further and get the kids to even research furniture. Don’t forget to include a little geography in this by getting them to check out the maps to see where these castles are located on the map.
  8. Costumes. How people dressed have changed through the centuries and from country to country. Use the series as an incentive for the kids to research costumes of the 18th and 19th century.costume 19th century england
  9. Research culinary traditions and recipes in the UK. Check out the nutritional changes of people in the 19th century and today.

Then there are wars. Rebellions and revolutions—this is another area you can get the kids to research and write reports on. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, even that they are aware of how political upheavals are a major part of life in the past might be enough.

So, I hope these ideas work for you.

If you have more idea? Please comment below. It may take some time to approve –this si so that we don’t get spams especially the undesirable sorts.


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