Listen to the first ten minutes of this teen/ pre-teen adventure fantasy in the cursed Kingdom of Reign here.

The fantasy adventure begins here.

The fantasy adventure begins here.

From Amazon Review Pages with sixty four and five stars. Or to view awards you can click here.

Keeper Of Reign is a young adult/teen and pre-teen fantasy that brings young readers on an adventure into the magical world of Reign where a fantasy Kingdom is cursed and much in need of a hero. If your readers love the Hobbit and the Narnia series they will love this epic fantasy series. This is the first book of the Reign Trilogy. Out on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel in the ebook and print versions.

A Wonderful Fantasy Story That Will Touch Your Heart 

Keeper of Reign is a fast-paced journey of self-discovery and great adventure. We watch with bated breath as a long forgotten legacy is slowly unraveled before our eyes. Legend is finally brought to light and destiny is slowing being fulfilled. The despised and neglected are standing up to claim their heritage and their birthright, and the plans of evil are being undone. Keeper of the Reign is a brilliant start to a very promising story…. Shadowplay

FERROMAIDN wrote…I was quickly captured by the little elfies in Keeper of the Reign by Emma Right. The book is quick paced and 383 pages long. I think I’ll lay aside today’s chores and give myself over to fun, mystery and hopefully an end to the curse that created the race of Elves.

Jerron wrote:  I love fantasy books and even though most are written for middle age school kids and young teens, I as a senior citizen loved it. It is a non-stop story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Filled with action, suspense, mystical creatures…

Brandon,  a dad, wrote: I’ve been looking for a fantasy series for my daughters that doesn’t get into inappropriate subjects. This is it. It is unique, fun, and adventurous!

And more praises are found on the Amazon page.

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