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Here's a blurb about Giants of Reign, Book 3 in the Reign Fantasy Trilogy

A Perilous Journey.  A Broken Crown. A Deadly Queen.

The epic saga concludes…

Jules faces impossible choices as rumors hit him and his Elfie family from every side. Will their Kingdom be destroyed soon, before they can reverse the curse? Will he find his Keeper friend, Mosche, and save him from certain death, abandoned in the Land of the dead? And who can Jules really trust?

The self-proclaimed queen Ruby demands that Jules be imprisoned in Reign to fix the Crown without which the curse will forever remain. But Jules’s friend Miranda, trapped in the Gateway Book, will soon die if no one helps her out—if that were even possible. Worst, Ralston lies in a glass coffin, with special air keeping him barely breathing.

With his friend, Holden, Jules embark on a dangerous trip to Handover, unsure if they would even make it there on time, or even alive, to look for the Key that seemed to be the only way to release the trapped Miranda. His heart heavy at the thought of his brother dying and possibly never seeing Mosche again, Jules relies on the untrustworthy Alair who has already deceived them more than once.  Without the Key, without Mosche and Miranda, and without fixing the crown, Reign will not only be forever cursed, but something else far worse was about to hit the Kingdom. Something that even Gehzurolle fears. And nothing scares the evil lord Gehzurolle. Except maybe a sixteen year old Elfie boy, named Jules Blaze.

What some reviewers said about Prisoner of Reign, Book 2

  • What one grandmother said...

    By L. Shoshana on September 29, 2015

    Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

    I bought these books for my 10 year old granddaughter who is an avid reader. I did not read them myself, so I cannot address specifics, but my granddaughter tells me that she LOVED them and would like to read more!

  • What did her teen nephew think of it?

    This is the second of the Reign Fantasy series and I decided to buy this book because it is the kind of fantasy book for my teenage nephew but I also have a go in reading it… and loved it!


  • What an Amazon Top 1000 reviewer had to say

    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

    “Prisoner of Reign” by Emma Right is the second book in the Reign Series, but my first foray into this fascinating world. …the concept of 1 inch Elfie people captures my imagination.

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