Can't thank you enough for your interest in these Princess adventure books!  

These princess full-color books are dear to my heart and I hope your young reader will enjoy reading them again and again! I created them for moms and dads, and caregivers who love to read to their it during the day or before night time. But I wanted to make them extra special so I have carefully collected and cropped these master art pieces for readers to enjoy and become exposed to quality artwork that grace the walls of museums the world over.

Be sure to check your inbox for news and specials in the Princess Series. Two are already available: The Princesses of Chadwick Castle, and its spin-off, The Princess Ballerina series. In the future there will be a third set that will be be more like a mystery adventure not unlike Enid Blyton of decades past. (I grew on these books!)

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princess castle8book covers

The Princesses Of Chadwick Castle Series for readers 6-11

princess ballerina 8 covers

The Princess Ballerina Series

Emma Right

Your children and young adult fantasy author

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