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Here's a blurb about Prisoner of Reign, Book 2 in the Reign Fantasy Trilogy

Danger. Fears. Courage.

When Jules sees the dead Saul’s figure sneaking away he wonders if he is losing his mind. But clues seem to point that Saul, or perhaps his ghost, is determined to haunt him. But Miranda, his friend gets lured by Gehzurolle’s agent of deceit, Sekt.  Now Jules is torn between saving Miranda and finding the Crown which he needs to reverse the curse his Kingdom and the Elfie people are under.  As conditions worsen in Reign, Jules embarks on another journey to enemy territory in the land of Handover. But will he even find the Crown there? And will he have to sacrifice Miranda to achieve his goals? Pressure mounts on all sides as Jules must decide between his People and his friends.

If you like epic fantasies like Lord of the Rings and Rick Riordan’s type adventures, you will love the Reign Trilogy.

Venture into the realm of Reign and journey with Jules and his five siblings as they face their worst fears and encounter unlikely foes and friends.

What some reviewers are saying...

  • What one grandmother said...

    By L. Shoshana on September 29, 2015

    Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

    I bought these books for my 10 year old granddaughter who is an avid reader. I did not read them myself, so I cannot address specifics, but my granddaughter tells me that she LOVED them and would like to read more!

  • What did her teen nephew think of it?

    This is the second of the Reign Fantasy series and I decided to buy this book because it is the kind of fantasy book for my teenage nephew but I also have a go in reading it… and loved it!


  • What an Amazon Top 1000 reviewer had to say

    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

    “Prisoner of Reign” by Emma Right is the second book in the Reign Series, but my first foray into this fascinating world. …the concept of 1 inch Elfie people captures my imagination.

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