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Benchmark Email

This is a great free email marketing provider. But i feel that it’s better than mailchimp since it not only allows you to have 2000 free subscribers but you can also have an auto responder attached to it.  200 is a big number. I’d read somewhere that if you have even 1000 super fans you can have a successful business, whatever it may be. So by the time you’ve built a healthy number of subscribers it would be fine to pay a small fee. But it would take a while to build it to 2000.

Also, you need to “clean” your subscriber list because you want people who truly want to hear from you. So give Benchmark a try. Some people work with both Mailchimp and Benchmark and later I will share how and why this could be helpful and sometimes even needful.

Benchmark Email
Benchmark Email has whitelist agreements with major ISPs so our clients can enjoy industry-leading deliverability. Use one of our 100+ professionally designed email newsletter templates or one of your own for beautiful permission-based email marketing campaigns. Your personal hosting area for images to be used in your Benchmark Email campaigns. Track the performance of your email blasts at a glance with our charts and graphs that are populated in real time. Easily set up, organize, and leverage…


June 12, 2016 at 06:38PM
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