Convert a manuscript to Mobi and Epub files free, at a click of a button.


Most writers already know that to be self-published we have to have our books on Amazon and hopefully on iBooks or Kobo. But how do we convert our word doc manuscripts without having to go through all the technical stuff, or paying hundreds of dollars for conversion? (I’ve done both. Multiple times!)


If you don’t already know, the mobi file is what Kindle uses and epub format is for all other e-readers. With this process you can have a ready file you can pass to your friends with Kindle or other e-readers and they can upload and read on their tablets.  This is particularly useful when passing out the files to prospective reviewers.


NO need for a YouTube How-to here. This process can’t be beat. Just upload your word doc and fill in the form and click submit. That’s it.

It’s crazy right –how you can get things done for free if you know where to look. Well, that’s what I am here for. I am a bit of a glutton for learning and I tend to want to read everything and know as much as, and experience (ouch) what I can about publishing and so I’ve gleaned a lot. I hope you won’t make the mistakes I did so that’s why I have this blog.

There are two options here. You can try the top one first. Or the other.

Click the link to see the tool in action:


Another amazing FREE ebook making tool

So click the link above, and tell me what you think of this self-publishing series. It helps this site when readers leave a comment on a site like mine. And please share this article with friends if you’ve found it helpful. It might save them some money when they want to publish a book, too!

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