How to format your Microsoft word document (manuscript) for print books (paperbacks)


Again a follow-along step-by-step process.

I have scoured the internet and since I am a visual learner others who are new to Indie publishing and also learn best by watching would find these step by step tutorials I have watched myself useful. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of new Indie authors who waste thousands of dollars “hiring” so-called “publishers” (which are merely printers since real traditional publishers will not charge you but instead will pay you a royalty and also do all the distribution and marketing of your books for you.)

This series of self-publishing for the indie authors are detailed. Once you finish the entire series it will feel like you have gone to a self-publishing school—except you did it in the comfort of your home without any monetary investment. Best of all you can watch these anytime, and watch them over and over until you get it or watch them while following along. It’s best if you have another device next to you—one to watch the step-by-step, and the other device (laptop or desktop) to work in tandem with the instruction.

I’d learned quite a few things since I started seven years ago and hope you’ll learn too. Slow and steady!


Below are three YouTube instructions. Each is about 25 minutes long. I suggest you watch them once through, then a second time following the instruction as you format your manuscript.

This is part of an in-depth video series on formatting your manuscript for Createspace or other POD (print on demand) printers using MS Word. The steps to makes sure your book looks professionally designed, and helps you avoid common mistakes indie authors make that can be frustrating to overcome. Make sure you watch parts II and III.

Part 1

Part 2: This is part of a video series on formatting a book for print in MS Word (Setting up headers, page numbers, and section breaks)

Part 3: Front matter, back matter and section breaks)

Until next week! And feel to leave me a comment on suggestions etc.

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