How To Upload Your Manuscript Onto Createspace

I’ve started a new series to help Indie authors do things themselves for free or for next to nothing. You don’t have to be techie—I am not! But I’m not one to sit around and stare into space like this lady below either.


If you are a new author and are unsure of how exactly to upload your manuscript onto Createspace you will find this step by step video helpful. Uploading onto Createspace (the arm of Amazon that can create physical books for you in different sizes, in case you don’t know,) doesn’t have to be a nightmare. I am in no way affiliated with the author of this YouTube training but I have found that there’s a lot of non-techie writers out there, so this might be helpful for a new author.

It doesn’t take any money and you’d be able to create a physical book on your own without paying a printer. (Many disguise themselves as self-publishing “publishers”—which they are not because if you are an Indie author YOU are the publisher. These self-publishing “publishers” are really printers and they will just eat up your hard –earned cash and you’d still have to do the marketing etc. so do it yourself.) Do yourself a favor. it’ll be less than thirty minutes.  Watch this:

One tip—it’s easier to follow along if you have two devices, perhaps an iPad or some other mobile device which you can watch the YouTube and another device open for you to upload your word doc for your book. Invest an hour in yourself every day. You can do this. I did. So can you.

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